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Coillte is a commercial company operating in forestry, land based businesses, renewable energy and panel products. The company’s core purpose is to enrich lives locally, nationally and globally through the innovative and sustainable management of natural resources. Coillte commenced trading in 1989 when it acquired ownership of the State’s forests and was established to commercially manage these assets. The company has undergone major transformation since then and has become a European scale natural resources management business.

Coillte is uniquely positioned to offer clients security of fuel supply. Coillte’s forestry resource to play an important part in contributing to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and climate change mitigation for Ireland. Forestry can act as a sink for the removal for carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and biomass supplied by Coillte can substitute fossil fuels thereby reducing Ireland's carbon production. For industries that rely on fossil fuels, switching to biomass would result in a reduction in the annual energy costs of the business while circumventing future carbon tax levies in place or being proposed.

KEY FACTS about Coillte

- Employs approx 900 people

- Owns over 445,000 hectares of land (approx. 7% of the land cover of Ireland)

- Supplies 2.5Million m3 of raw fibre into the timber processing industry annually

- Owns the largest biomass resource on the island of Ireland

- Core expertise is in forestry logistics, harvesting, extraction and delivery

- Owns and operates two of the largest board mills in Europe

- Places a strong emphasis on balance between commercial, environmental and social objectives

- Recognised by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) who independently certify operations

- Has an in-house sophisticated forest management GIS systems and inventory data system

- accurate planning, timber forecasting and resource allocation; up to 10 years in advance

- Is the only supplier who can offer long term Security of Supply

Recent Coillte Event at Ecowood

Coillte Biomass in association with Ecowood Energy Systems Limited recently hosted a wood fuel seminar and site visit In Letterkenny Co Donegal. Guest speakers from across the industry informed over 100 attendees in the Radisson Hotel (heated with wood chip boiler and fuel supplied by Ecowood Energy) of the evolution in the market and opportunities for significant savings.

They were also informed of the partnership with Ecowood Energy which preceded a visit to the Depot where directors Malachy McCann and Paul McGonigle hosted a tour and demonstrations of all stages of the process. Since this the company has appeared on Ecoeye with Duncan Stewart and further media events are in the pipeline.

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