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Process Planning Storage Drying and Chipping Perfection

Storage - Whole logs delivered to the depot on an ongoing basis by Coillte Biomass.

Drying - Seasoned over time depending on delivery dates and seasonal conditions.

Quality - Moisture testing carried out to ensure quality.

Chipping - Chipped to store, loaded onto appropriate trailer either for blown delivery or walking floor.

Delivery - Delivered to customers who are provided with a weight docket and moisture readings.

From the Tree to the Chip Explained

Having the right volume of wood that is instantly accessible for chipping is a balance of space for storage and time for drying. The ecowood depot is a seven acre protected environment for the perfect storage and drying of wood and the key to your security of supply.

Our ability to control this delicately balanced equation makes us Ireland's best placed wood chip fuel providers.

Once the wood has dried, chipping can begin. Wood chip can be stored locally in our storage area (immediately ready for delivery) or chipped straight into delivery lorries and out on the road directly to the customer.

As mentioned on the ecowood story page timber cut from the forest typically produces a relatively low amount of heat or energy; 6.22 Giga Joules per ton ( or 6.22 GJ/T).

When allowed to season or dry over a period of 12 months and depending on climactic conditions one might expect the moisture to drop to 30% and therefore the energy content will have altered to 12.71 GJ/T.

Commercial and small industrial scale our customers typically require moisture ranging from 25%M to 40%M dependent on the type of boiler installed and the heating or processing requirements.




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