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Providing Security of Supply & Reduced Business Energy Costs

The inspiration behind the business was the utilisation of wood as fuel alternative to traditional fossil fuels primarily oil and gas. Based on our research Ecowood Energy Systems Limited was formed in 2005 by directors Malachy McCann and Paul McGonigle.

Our wide ranging customer base benefits from significant savings of on average 50%. The saving is dependent on boiler performance which is turn requires fuel consistency in respect of moisture content and chip size. This security of supply is key to a return on the capital investment and ongoing savings over fossil fuels. Our partnership with Coillte ensures this security of supply into the future.

Mission - To be the leading supplier of wood chip fuels to the commercial and small industrial market.

Vision - Provide consistent and quality wood fuels to customers in a timely fashion

Savings - Generate 50% cost savings on traditional fossil fuels whilst benefiting the local economy.

Eco-friendly - 100% Renewable source of fuel grown indigenously, and all part of the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Security of Supply - long term planning to ensure supply security to our customers into the future.

Energy Content Explained - It's All About the Quality of Supply

Timber cut from the forest is typically made up of 60% water and 40% wood i.e. 60%M for moisture. At this stage 1ton of 60% wood chip would produce a relatively low amount of heat or energy; 6.22 Giga Joules per ton ( or 6.22 GJ/T). When allowed to season or dry over a period of 12 months and depending on climactic conditions the timber will lose much of this moisture and by default weight.

One might expect the moisture to drop to 30% and therefore the energy content will have altered to 12.71 GJ/T. This example indicates that the dryer the material the greater the energy content. In the commercial and small industrial scale our customers typically require moisture ranging from 25%M to 40%M dependent on the type of boiler installed and the heating or processing requirements.


A Customer Story from Ecowood

The Aura Leisure Centre Letterkenny is a long term customer with significant heating demands for its fabulous complex. Prior to construction we were engaged as consultants to assist with the location and design of their wood fuel store and boiler house.

This consultation ensured appropriate access and ease of delivery. Since the Centre’s completion we have exclusively supplied the fuel and managed deliveries to the extent that the owners are maximising the efficiency of the boiler and savings. These savings can be passed on to the local community and users of facilities.

Coillte timber harvested in Donegal and hauled by locally based companies is utilised and hence the economic and environmental benefits locally and nationally are significant as we are producing and supplying our own fuel from a 100% renewable source.




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