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Start Saving NOW and reduce your Energy Costs by up to 50%

The Bio-energy Sector reduces energy costs for Irish industry allowing them to displace expensive fossil fuel and maintain competitiveness in a global marketplace. Reducing Ireland's reliance on fossil fuel imports, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and improving domestic fuel security are key pillars for developing a new green economy. Competitive biomass fuel, supplied from our local indigenous forestry resources offers significant energy savings to Irish industry and protects them against fossil fuel price volatility. Biomass in the form of wood chip is typically 50% cheaper than fossil fuel with relatively stable market pricing.

Biomass is grown and produced locally and can be burned in a range of boilers from medium sized commercial units suitable for hotels and nursing homes to larger scale industrial boilers where they are required to produce process heat or steam. In some cases it is possible to install an additional turbine, in the form of combined heat and power technology, to produce electricity from the boiler.

With opportunities for the retrofitting of public sector buildings and institutional heat; these new installations will provide an outlet for our growing timber resource and a channel to market for growers of short rotation energy crops. These emerging energy markets also encourage the establishment of private timber grower groups thereby further mobilising our domestic forestry resource.

Summary Key benefits :

- Reduces our greenhouse gas emissions, reliance on fossil fuel imports & improves domestic fuel security

- Improving and strengthening the competitiveness of Irish industry by minimizing carbon taxes

- Reducing fuel costs and protecting them against fossil fuel price volatility

- Stimulating rural development and local job creation

- Providing a viable outlet for our growing private timber resource and a channel to market for growers of

short rotation energy crops

Why do customers keep on choosing ecowood?

We won't go on telling you how great we are, instead have a listen to what our customers say. You'll get a much better idea of what we're capable of and from there you can make your own mind up.

Padraig Byrne - Aura Leisure Centre

"Ecowood energy has supplied our centre for over five years with quality wood chip and always delivered on time".

Terry Mceniff - Mount Errigal Hotel (Owner)

"I really could never understand why every hotel didn't have a wood chip boiler installed, the savings are huge".

Martin Strum - Camphill Community Group

"Not only do we use ecowood for quality wood chip, their mobile chipping service, using our own wood resources increases the savings significantly".

Tommy Gallen - Villa Rose (Owner)

"Malachy and Paul of Ecowood were a great help when choosing the most efficient heating system for our hotel - we've saved at least 50% over oil or gas alternatives".

Fred Maxwell - Poultry Farmer

"Quality, consistent and timely fuel delivery is what really matter to me, ecowood tick all the boxes".

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